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Beachfront Builder Overview

Overall info about Beachfront Builder.

Technical Support

With a reach of over 2 Billion people & growing across 6 operating systems, scores of manufactures, thousands of devices & in hundreds of countries, we have you covered.

Building Apps

Questions about creating and adding content to apps.

Video Management

Questions about importing videos and managing content.

What is Beachfront Builder?

Beachfront Builder is an online tool that allows you to build native apps with video for most modern devices.

What is a native app?

It's an app that lives on your device, not inside your browser (well, there is more to it than that, but for our purposes that will do).

What is a modern device?

Again, that's a tough question. In our case, if it plays online video, then it's probably/ hopefully modern. We consider Androids, iPhones & Smart TVs to be modern.

Why should I use Beachfront Builder?

If you have video & you want people to see it everywhere, Beachfront Builder is simply the fastest way to do it.

Why shouldn't I build an app myself?

You should, its fun!. Building lots of apps for lots of devices is really hard & takes a lot of time. When you add; award winning technology (ours), chart topping apps (ours) & proven video technology (we handle millions of people & thousands of video sources on our site www.beachfrontbuilder.com), with our new features (like analytics, revenue, custom design & social support) in a beautifully animated package. Building that requires a large team of experts (we know, it's what we do best).

Is there a pro version?

Yes. Check out our different pricing plans on the pricing page.

How much is Beachfront Builder?

Basic accounts are free, pro accounts make you money.

Is there an enterprise version?

Yes. Please contact us

Where can I sign up or login?

Click the login button at the top right of every page.

Which versions of iOS does Beachfront Builder support?

Beachfront Builder supports iOS 6 and up.

Which versions of Android does App Builder support?

App Builder already supports over 200 distinct mobile devices. We can not guarantee full support on all Android mobile devices. As new phones are introduced to the market we support them.

Do you support any additional data tracking?

With 2.0 we allow app makers to see exactly how their app is doing, by platform, demographic and revenue.

Do you have inter-platform abilities?

Our new update makes it easier for your community to go cross platform by importing their Watch Later lists and other data for increased convenience.

What is a channel?

A channel is a container for a specific type of content in your app displayed in a list in the slider menu. You have the ability to add or remove all channels but for the Search, Settings, and Home channels. There are three main types of content that we feature, Video based, Social based, and Content (Page) based channels. Your app must have at least one channel. We also provide the ability to rearrange and group channels in the Manage section, accessible after you start your build.

What is a Home Channel?

A special multimedia channel for users to see the latest your app has to offer as soon as they open your app. The top section of the page allows you to upload logos or promotional content. Underneath the banner are sections that pull real time updates from your various channels to advertise them under your banner.

What is a Video Channel?

Import playlist feeds from various sources to create channels. Or we also allow users to create a channel and fill it with videos uploaded into the Manage section after you start your build. We have added the ability to link content from native stores to specific videos for ecommerce.

What is a Social Channel?

We are working to expand the features we offer with the ability to create channels showcasing your social media. We currently support Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr social sites with the complete social interactivity offered by the social service. Each channel is limited to one social feed at a time.

What is a Page Channel?

Pages are Content Channels that let you add additional information about yourself. These include the About Page, Contact Page, or import a mobile URL page into your app.

How can I monetize my app?

We have built in the ability to link videos with native store content (Ex: itunes music) and allow you to create a Page with your own online store by including the URL in the Mobile Page Channel. We also include our Beachfront .iO video ad mediation package.

How can I brand my app?

We try to allow you as much customization as possible. From the Splash Page, the Home Banner, Logos, Colors, ect.

What can I put it in my app header?

We give you the ability to choose text or a graphic that will appear at the top of the app in the navigational bar. Due to the small space a horizontal transparent icon usually works best.

Can I customize my background and text/element colors?

We have a sampling of textures for you to use or you are welcome to upload one of your choice. Please be careful to watch out if the text and texture conflict and become hard for your users to read.

How should I format images used in my app?

We recommend that you use high resolution pngs for the best results. We are using a greater number of images to help you achieve the best branding for your app. In cases such as the Splash image and Home Banner one image can be uploaded and shared in other areas of the app.

What apps can Beachfront Builder build?

Beachfront Builder builds native apps for; iPhone, iPad, Android tablets, Android mobiles, Windows Phone, Amazon Kindle Fire, Samsung Smart TV & Smart TV by LG.

How do I manage my account?

Sign in to App Builder & on the top right then click your username (it will appear where the login button was). This will show your account settings.

How do I manage my apps?

Sign in to App Builder & click the "Manage" button. All apps you have already built will be shown here including their info & stats.

How do I manage videos on my apps?

Click the "Manage" button & select "Admin" on any app. Use the drag & drop interface to add new videos, re-rank or categorize.

What video sites does App Builder support?

App Builder currently supports YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion & MeFeedia accounts.

What video formats does Beachfront Builder support?

App Builder player support varies depending on device. We support H.264 & Flash on most mobile & TV apps.